ebm-papst Lüfter-Drehzahlsteuerung, 10 → 57 V dc, Variabel, Max. 1 mA @ 10 V dc, 4 mA @ 57 V

  • RS Best.-Nr. 165-1402
  • Herst. Teile-Nr. CGCXX00000
  • Marke ebm-papst
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RoHS Status: kompatibel (Zertifikat anzeigen)
Ursprungsland: GB

Configurable Generic Controller

The CGC controller provides a flexible, programmable solution. It comes with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) used to program the controller for different input profiles. It provides customers the ability to modify the configuration of the controller to their individual requirements and set high / low alarms if required.

Designed to regulate the rotational speed of ebm-papst 0-10 Volt and open collector PWM EC and DC fans. The controller accepts an input from an NTC thermistor or a 0-10V input, and gives an output based on a programmable profile. The input/output response profile can be modified using the ebm-papst GUI software.

GUI Software

The GUI software can alter the input source (temperature or voltage), the fan speed response to the information received and the levels at which alarms are activated. The details are saved within a configuration file which can be downloaded to the CGC when required. Additionally a variation of pre-made configuration files, available to download from www.ebmpapst.co.uk/cgc

The CGC and GUI software are compatible with all ebm-papst EC and DC fans, with 0-10V or PWM inputs. The controller can be powered directly from a 10V output from an EC fan, or up to 57V from a separate power supply.

Used as a development kit from the beginning of the design process it offers a prototyping platform that potentially will save time, money and resources.

Features and Benefits

• Supports rapid and cost-effective modification to suit the needs of an application
• Ready to plug and play, includes thermistor, configuration and alarm leads
• Allows customers to configure the controller via a Graphical User Interface (GUI) software
• Customers can create a custom profile
• Alarm indications and monitoring functions
• Can reduce development time significantly
• Ready to use for a fast turnaround from concept to production

Technische Daten
Eigenschaft Wert
Zur Verwendung mit EC- und DC-Lüfter von ebm-papst
Drehzahleinstellung Variabel
Strom max. 1 mA @ 10 V dc, 4 mA @ 57 V
Ausgangskonfiguration PWM
Versorgungsspannung 10 → 57 V dc
Serie CGC
Voraussichtlich ab 19.06.2020 verfügbar.
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