AEC-Q100 LCD-Displaytreiber BD81A76EFV-ME2, für 12 V, HTSSOP 30-Pin

  • RS Best.-Nr. 188-7064
  • Herst. Teile-Nr. BD81A76EFV-ME2
  • Marke ROHM
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BD81A76EFV-M is a white LED driver with the capability of withstanding high input voltage (maximum 35 V). This driver has 6ch constant-current drivers in 1-chip, where each channel can draw up to 120 mA (Max), and it is suitable for high illumination LED drive. Furthermore, a buck-boost current mode DC/DC converter is also built to achieve stable operation during power voltage fluctuation. Light modulation (10,000:1@100 Hz dimming function) is possible by PWM input.

6ch Current Driver for LED Drive
Buck-Boost Current Mode DC/DC Converter
Control DC/DC Converter Oscillation Frequency by External Synchronized Signal
Spread Spectrum Function
LSI Protection Function (UVLO, OVP, TSD, OCP, SCP)
LED Abnormality Detection Function (Open/Short)
VOUT Discharge Function (Buck-Boost Structure Limitation)
Automotive CID (Center Information Display) Panel
Car Navigation
Cluster Panel
HUD (Head Up Display)
Small and Medium Type LCD Panels for Automotive Use

Technische Daten
Eigenschaft Wert
Strom-Präzision ±3%
Versorgungsstrom max. 100 μA
Montage-Typ SMD
Gehäusegröße HTSSOP
Pinanzahl 30
Versorgungsspannnung typ. 12 V
Abmessungen 10 x 5.6 x 0.85mm
Höhe 0.85mm
Länge 10mm
Betriebstemperatur max. +125 °C
Betriebstemperatur min. -40 °C
Breite 5.6mm
Automobilstandard AEC-Q100
Grenzfrequenz 2.2MHz
Voraussichtlich ab 15.06.2020 verfügbar.
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