PWM-Sekundärseite-Controller NCP4306AAHZZZADR2G, 1-Kanal Synchroner Gleichrichter Sekundärseite 2 (Quelle) A, 7 (Senke)

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Ursprungsland: PH

The NCP4306 is high performance driver tailored to control a synchronous rectification MOSFET in switch mode power supplies. Thanks to its high performance drivers and versatility, it can be used in various topologies such as DCM or CCM flyback, quasi resonant flyback, forward and half bridge resonant LLC.

Allows for proper timing of SR MOSFET turn on and turn off
Maximizes conduction time of the MOSFET to increase efficiency
Allows direct connection of CS input to MOSFET drain in flyback applications
Improves performance for applications working in deep CCM
Enters the IC into a low consumption standby mode
Prevents accidental MOSFET turn on or turn off due to ringing
Enhanced Operation for USB-PD Applications
Fast turn off of MOSFET for optimized conduction period
Increased stability coming in and out of Light Load
Wide output operating voltages

Technische Daten
Eigenschaft Wert
Anzahl der PWM-Ausgänge 1
PWM Controller-Typ Synchroner Gleichrichter Sekundärseite
Schaltfrequenz max. 1 MHz
Montage-Typ SMD
Gehäusegröße SOIC
Pinanzahl 8
Ausgangsstrom 2 (Quelle) A, 7 (Senke) A
Ausgangsspannung 11 V
Versorgungsspannnung typ. 35 (Maximum) V
Abmessungen 5 x 4 x 1.5mm
Länge 5mm
Breite 4mm
Höhe 1.5mm
Betriebstemperatur max. +125 °C
Betriebstemperatur min. –40 °C
Voraussichtlich ab 23.02.2021 verfügbar.
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