Schneidmatte tragbar aus PPE, 450mm x 300mm x 2.5mm

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RS selbstheilende Schneidunterlage

Die professionelle Matte schützt Ihre Arbeitsflächen und bietet gleichzeitig eine langlebige Oberfläche. Die Selbstheilungsfähigkeit sorgt dauerhaft für eine ausgezeichnete Oberfläche; das Raster erleichtert die Messung und ermöglicht eine präzise Führung. Diese Matten können in einer Vielzahl von Anwendungen einschließlich Kunsthandwerk, Modellarbeit und Maschinenbau eingesetzt werden.

Größenbereich von A4 bis A0
3-lagige Matte über Kunststoffplatine
Schützt und hält die Klingen scharf
Metrisches Messsystem

RS PRO Self-Healing Cutting Mat

Cutting is a natural part of many processes. Therefore, it is crucial to have a material that will protect the surface you are using without any compromises. The solution is Self-Healing Cutting Mat, which is perceived by many professionals as a must-have accessory, especially if you want to lifespan your surfaces. These Mats are suitable for any commercial and domestic life situation like school, office or workshop. We are proudly introducing our won branded RS PRO Self-Healing Cutting Mat similar in appearance to a green colour which is used by many people as a portable Mat. The Self-Healing, with its size of 450 x 300 x 2.5 mm, meet the EN71-3 standard. The Self-Healing ability always provides an excellent surface and grid makes it easy to measure and gives an accurate guide. Engineers have testified our range as giving comparable quality to that of the leading brands without paying a premium price.

Features and Benefits

  • Size range from A4 to A0

  • Dimensions 450 x 300 x 2.5 mm

  • The Mat will last for a long time; therefore, this is a long-term investment

  • The Mat is portable, which means you can take it anywhere with you

  • The Cutting Mats are versatile, which means you can use it in commercial and domestic environments

  • Our engineers tested the Mat against the cut and general functionality

  • Self-Healing - surface layers are made of a special material that’s easier on the blade and leaves no trace after the cut

  • Non-Slip - outstanding anti-slide backing makes working easier and reduces the risk of injury

  • Measuring grid - allows the user to make accurate marks and cuts

  • Protects and keeps blades sharp

  • 3-layer mat over plastic board

  • It is made of PPE (propylene homopolymer)

  • The Cutting Mat is eco-friendly – do not contain any heavy metals and do not release toxins into the environment


  • Engineering projects

  • Textile workshops where Mat Self-Healing is a crucial tool

  • Home craft (fabric) projects enthusiasts

  • Model work

Frequently asked questions

How do I clean my Cutting Mat?

Regular and consistent cleaning can extend the life of your Cutting Mat. To do that, once you finish with your project, apply mild dishwashing detergent to wipe the Mat. Use a soft cloth with room-temperature water and be sure to rinse it thoroughly.

How long does the Cutting Mat last?

The best practice is to store it laying down (flat) and away from any sunlight or heat. Avoid extreme temperatures as this might cause the Mat to become brittle.

How long does the Cutting Mat last?

There is no one answer, although if the Mat has cared properly, it should easily last for years to come. Remember to use clean it regularly and store it in a temperature-controlled environment.

Which type of cutter is ideal for Cutter Mat?

We are recommending using a Rotary Cutter, and you can buy one by visiting RS PRO article 489-2320

What is a Self-Healing Cutting Mat?

The Self-Healing Cutting Mats comes from tiny individual pieces put together to create a stable cutting surface. Once the cut is psychically made on the Mat using a rotary cutter, the blade goes between those small pieces, which means you are not cutting into the surface unit.

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