Fulleon Askari Panel Elektronischer Signalgeber 32-Ton, 92dB, Ø 50 mm, 9 → 28 V dc

  • RS Best.-Nr. 626-141
  • Herst. Teile-Nr. AP/W/SWITCH
  • Marke Fulleon
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Ursprungsland: GB

Fulleon Askari Panel Sounder - AP/W/SWITCH

Fulleon's panel sounder has been created and designed to fit through the fascials of control panels and equipment housings, all achievable because of the sounders compact size. Maximum audibility and simple installation is accomplished through the single nut fixing, this ease of use matched with the high IP rating makes the Askari panel sounder from Fulleon suitable for a multitude of process and industrial environments.

Features & Benefits

• Features an IP rating of IP65, this means that the electronic sounder has full protection against dust and other particles. The IP65 rating also means that the sounder has protection against low-pressure jets or direct water coming from any angle
• White in colour, the sounder has an aesthetically pleasing finish
• Tone select switch and volume control options
• Easily accommodated and simple to install into control equipment enclosures
• A smooth DC power supply is required for the unit (accepts most common DC supplies)
• Optional internal or external use
• Dedicated panel fixing
• 32 tones, the tones are compatible with Roshni, Squashni and Flashni sounders
• Users will commonly find this type of electronic sounder within industrial, lighting and security applications
• Has a second tone for a two-stage alarm
• Through panel fixing
• ABS construction - Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. This type of plastic has a strong resistance to corrosive chemicals and physical impacts
• 92dBA sound output at 24VDC
• Automatic synchronisation
• Features a current of 18mA and has a voltage rating of 9VDC to 28VDC

Technische Daten
Eigenschaft Wert
Versorgungsspannung 9 → 28 V dc
Schutzart IP65
dB in 1 Meter Abstand 92dB
Stromart DC
Anzahl der Töne 32
Gehäusefarbe Weiß
Montageart Tafelmontage
Durchmesser 50 mm
Dezibel min. 92dB
Dezibel max. 100dB
Serie Askari Panel
Gehäusematerial ABS
Temperatur max. +70°C
Temperatur min. -25°C
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