RS PRO Infrarotlampe, Rot, 500 W, R7S, 230 V, 118 mm lang, 19mm Ø, 8000h Lebensdauer

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Ummantelte lineare Infrarotlampen

Ummantelte Infrarotlampen werden zum Heizen in vielen Anwendungen wie Wärmetheken im Lebensmittelbereich sowie zum Trocknen in der Prozessindustrie verwendet, wo sofortige kurzwellige Wärmemuster benötigt werden. Der Außenhülle bietet Schutz gegen Spritzer und Schmutz, womit die Lampe nicht früher als normal ausfällt. Sie sind erhältlich in einer Reihe von Längen von 118 bis 350 mm.

Diese IR-Lampen sind einfach, effektiv, zuverlässig und wirtschaftlich im Betrieb. Sie sind außerdem dimmbar und können daher über einen Leistungsregler (nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten) temperaturgeregelt werden.

Praktisch sofortige Strahlungswärme nach dem Einschalten.
Wirtschaftlicher Betrieb
Geeignet für universelle Montageausrichtungen


Die Quarzröhre darf nicht mit der bloßen Hand berührt werden. Öle in der Haut können sich während des Betriebs nachteilig auf die Quarzröhre auswirken und die Lebensdauer der Lampe verkürzen. Sorgen Sie außerdem dafür, dass die Lampe korrekt in ihrem Lampenhalter montiert ist.

RS PRO Infrared Lamp/IR Lamp

Need is the mother of innovation, pushing innovators and creators to make life easier for us all. The heat was and is an essential key player in any industry processing. In today's world, we might be struggling to find a product which does not encounter infrared heat as this trend is successfully growing. The high demand for using intelligent heat systems makes IR Lamps (known as Infrared Lamp) a desirable emitter for many heating applications. The entire spectrum of IR optimum light provides high resilience to impact breaks, splashed food liquids and protect food during preparation against ingress. Their high efficiency and safety are exceptional, especially when comparing to standard non-jacketed lamps. The infrared radiation is widespread in Light Therapy or Red-Light Therapy to release the pain, but the power of heat goes much further than this. The Infrared Lamp is a solution being used in canteens, schools, supermarkets, restaurants or hospitals to serve as an energy light source to keep the food warm. Heat Lamp comes in a range of hard glass infrared heat bulb, screw-in lamps, double-ended or linear lamps for heater fittings to provide a clean and efficient heat source.

We are proudly introducing our own branded RS PRO Jacketed Infrared Linear Lamp suitable for universal mounting orientations. Our Infrared Lamp is a simple, but reliable and economical bulb to run the drying process for applications requiring an instant shortwave heat patterns. The outer jacket offers protection against splashes and debris. The IR Heat Lamp has an instant radiant heat after the power is on. As this manufactured from quartz 19 mm diameter, they convert the electrical power into heat, meaning you are not wasting any energy.

Even though these Infrared Lamps (IR) are easy to install and replace, always be cautious. Avoid touching the tube with bare hands and keep in mind that oil might harm quartz operation and ultimately reduce lamp life.

Features and Benefits

  • Life hours of approximately 8000

  • Process heating used for these Infrared Linear Lamps makes them desirable in many applications

  • The outer jacket protects against splashes and debris

  • IR is a practical, reliable and economical to run your business or support your domestic environment

  • Virtually instant radiant heat after the power is on

  • The voltage rating of 230 V

  • The IR Lamp finish is red with a length of 118 mm

  • Fitted with R7s round caps to each end


These Infrared Linear Light Bulbs correlate with applications where the heat is mandatory to perform, particularly in:

  • Space heaters

  • Drying processes

  • Thermoforming

  • Shrink packaging

  • Vulcanizing and curing rubber

  • Laminating

  • Sealing and electrostatic copy equipment

  • Food heaters

Frequently asked questions

How many hours does a Heat Lamp last?

The average hour's life for Infrared Heat Lamp oscillates around 2000.


RS Pro is our family brand to go-to and brings you a wide range of high-quality and high-value products to support your project. Trusted by engineers all over the world, every part of every RS PRO product is always rigorously tested against demanding industry standards. We are only giving the RS PRO seal of approval if we're confident of their exceptional quality, which means you can be convinced too.

Technische Daten
Eigenschaft Wert
Leistung 500 W
Lampensockel R7S
Nennspannung 230 V
Länge 118 mm
Durchmesser 19mm
Oberflächen Finish Rot
Lebensdauer 8000h
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